Watercolor painting in AR16:9 format of a bustling urban scene on a distinct paved street. The street is alive with increased activity: groups of people chatting, shoppers entering and exiting the small businesses, children playing, and musicians performing on a corner. The boutique, fruit stand, and music store, already prominently featured, now have more customers exploring their offerings. The architecture remains a mix of old and new styles, and the wider sidewalks are teeming with pedestrians. Public spaces with sculptures and trees are gathering spots for residents and visitors alike, making the scene even more vibrant and community-focused.New idea: Beautiful and no soul
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I'm Steyn Viljoen, a customer experience designer at CustomerOS, an open-source operating system for reinventing business from the customer experience up.

I've spent the last 12 years working with teams to validate the riskiest assumptions on various projects. I failed and succeeded. Some of these include a texting app in Silicon Valley, Africa's biggest crowdfunding platform and making space tech farmer-friendly.

I like reading (currently Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) but make sense of it by writing; sometimes on LinkedIn but more often on Twitter and in this space.

Here are some longer form meandering musings on product, design, philosophy and parenting: