How to Explore Old Streets

How to Explore Old Streets

In 2014 my wife and I found ourselves meandering through San Gimignano, losing ourselves in a spider web of old Tuscany style streets.

They were towered by century-old buildings and connected together by an array of small shops - souvenir war weapons, chocolates, pastries and all sorts of meat.

But there is one picture vividly engraved into my mind, and it's this one…

2 kids pretending to be aeroplanes, running down the streets of San Gimignano, Italy
Two kids playfully pretending to be aeroplanes in the streets of San Gimignano

I became aware of these kids while I was on my stomach, taking a time-lapse of the street. Intrigued by their energy, I quickly switched my phone's camera mode to capture this moment just in time:

2 kids playfully pretending to be aeroplanes

It has become one of my favourite photos because it reminds me of what we can discover if we let our minds just meander.

Over time, it has also become a symbol of how writing lets me meander through my brain's neurological streets, creating new connections, discovering new paths and encountering serendipitous moments.

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