I spent my first 2 years of school in a tiny farm school with no more than 20 kids. But then the farm school closed down and I was forced to go to a big school with more than 200 kids.

I cried for months and, even 30 years later, I still recall how I felt as an 8-year-old.

I also remember how proud I felt as I smashed the 5 000m school record in high school while my dad was watching.

These, plus trillions of other experiences and emotions, shaped me into the person I am today and how I solve problems with creativity.


When we use Dall-E or Lexica instead of human illustrators to get a job done, what do we end up missing most from people? The back-and-forth? The disagreements and debates? The difference between superb and superficial? Or perhaps the banter over beers after launch?

In a world dominated by AI, what will we miss most of other humans? Our ability to connect? Not only the dots but also the person on the other side of the table or screen.

The products we create look different when we also connect along the way. It’s the difference between a 1 minute generative AI illustration and one that was crafted through hours of toil to simply fit.  

So, for those who do fear that they will lose their jobs to AI, here’s a helpful question to ask:

What do people buy from you that they can’t from a bot? Pixels to fill a blank block on a rectangular screen? Or do they pay for your ability to deeply understand their context, their customers and their needs? To connect. To be human. ❤️

*The first draft of this post was written by me but some paragraphs were tweaked by ChatGPT.

• • •

Photo by OC Gonzalez