A bizarre accidental scene

A bizarre accidental scene

Yesterday I had coffee with Steve. As we made our way down the street towards Cafe Frank, we came across a car which appeared to have been in an accident. It was right in the middle of the road, a few meters away from the pedestrian crossing we were about to cross. The whole front grill was smashed away with liquids streaming out of the car, down the street.

There were a couple of random people at the crossing, just standing or waiting or watching the scene as 3 men were pushing the car out of the road. The accident seemed fresh so I think some of them might even have seen it happen.

We were standing there as well, waiting for the cars to stop at the crossing. But maybe more so trying to make sense of this bizarre scene. There was only one car (the one who crashed). No objects in which it crashed into. And 3 men pushing it out of the road.

I wanted to ask the people waiting at the crossing what happened but I was a bit too shy or maybe too keen for a coffee.


The cars didn’t stop at the crossing so we did what a good pedestrian would do and quickly ran to the other side of the road — off to Cafe Frank.

After an hour and a good coffee (Steve had juice), we were back at the crossing with the scene still playing out. Our fellow pedestrians were obviously gone by now and replaced with a police car and 2 cops. They were talking to the 3 guys and taking notes. They weren’t shy like me so they were probably trying to figure out how they crashed their car without any obstructions.

Perhaps there was a big elephant in the road. But then what happened to the elephant? I don’t know, but I guess anything could have happened. This is Africa after all…

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